CTE Pathways

CTE Pathways


Business Administrative Services: This Pathway provides students with knowledge of how to effectively use technology in the analysis & communication of business principles. Students are required to complete Office Systems Management I & II. Coursework will also prepare students for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification.

Business Management: This pathway provides students with a working knowledge of management principles used in today’s business world. Students also prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification.

Graphic Communications (PrintED): Students learn to use graphic production and editing software, such as Adobe and Corel to create layouts, logos and various designs for printing digital for advertising purposes.

Information Technology Networking (CISCO): IT Networking prepares students for advanced study in IT and for industry certification. Students may earn a range of industry certifications, such as CompTIA (A+, Net+) and Cisco CCNA.

Interactive Media: Focus in this pathway is on digital arts. Students learn cutting edge designs, programming, and craftsmanship through print, animation, video/filmmaking, and photography. Students can earn certification in Adobe Create Suite or web design.


Advanced Manufacturing: This career pathway prepares students for careers in manufacturing by applying technical knowledge and hands-on skills in manual milling and lathe machines. Students have the opportunity to become NIMS certified.

Carpentry: Coursework is based on the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) standards. Carpentry is the cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials during the construction of home improvement and community revitalization projects. Students also learn applicable codes and standards in order to be National Center for Construction and Research (NCCER) certified.

Construction Design & Management (CADD): Students will develop an understanding of design and construction processes. Coursework includes the use of AutoCAD to develop architectural, mechanical, and engineering plans using industry standards for design and documentation in order to become certified in AutoCAD.

Electrical: This pathway provides students an opportunity to learn about the residential and commercial building industry and to master a variety of electrical skills. All students complete the Construction Core (1 credit) before advancing to the Electrical pathway. The course of study correlates to the modules of the NCCER national standards leading to industry certification.

Masonry (Brick Laying): This pathway prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills in laying and setting rock, concrete, hard tiles, marble and related materials using trowels, hammers, chisels, and other hand tools. Students also learn applicable codes and standards in order to be National Center for Construction and Research (NCCER) certified.


Cosmetology: Student in this program are instructed in the art and science of cosmetology as well as all aspects of the industry. Salon Management is an integral part of the classroom and clinical experience. Students are required to complete 1,500 hours of classroom instruction, clinical, and related mentored work-based learning experience in order to be MD State Board certified.

Early Childhood Education: This program provides an overview of learning theory and practice with an emphasis on early childhood. Coursework focuses on growth and development theories, methods of research, and the effects on child care and education. Students can earn industry certification along with 120 hours of child development education and 480 hours of experience working in licensed facilities.

Food & Beverage Management (ProStart): Students study and practice professional food preparation, international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, accounting, cost control, marketing, and lodging management. This pathway is in partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF). Students can earn ServSaf or ProStart industry certifications.

CTE Staff

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Culinary Arts
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Para Childcare
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Elec Wiring
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