SkillsUSA Carver Chapter


Important Dates: February 7-22 SkillsUSA Week

Information: Carver SkillsUSA Leadership and Representatives will showcase their trades, display posters and announce daily Chapter events

Information: Congratulate our SkillsUSA leadership for receiving statesman award pins. They passed a rigorous exam testing their knowledge of the SkillsUSA program. 

SkillsUSA is a nonprofit association that helps career and technical education students follow their passions to their ultimate careers. As a nationwide partnership of education and industry, SkillsUSA works to ensure America has a skilled workforce. It helps every student excel. The nationwide Career and Technical Education student organization serves more than 360,000 high school, college and postsecondary students and instructors each year in trade, technical and skilled service occupation instructional programs.  The Carver High School SkillsUSA Chapter enables our CTE students to succeed in their vocational endeavors through mentorship, career guidance and involvement in skills crafting events such as competitions, service projects, and community support.


February 5 2022: Carver SkillsUSA Chapter competes in the MD SkillsUSA Regional Competition